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ESR & ESOR proudly support Ukrainian radiologists in training

Ukraine, after Bulgaria and Romania, has become the latest country to benefit from the ESR Support Initiative, boosting educational opportunities for young imaging professionals, scientists and radiology trainees in less affluent European countries.

In particular, the ESOR Visiting Professorship Programme on  Advanced Oncologic Imaging has been conceived to deliver a high-quality one-day teaching programme for 70 young radiologists, including lectures and interactive workshops. In addition, reserved places on the ESOR Visiting Scholarship Programme for trainee radiologists and the ESOR Exchange Programme for Fellowships for recently board certified radiologists, as well as allocated places for the ESR's Invest in the Youth programme, will support the future generationsw of Ukrainian radiologists.

To learn more about this and other initiative of ESOR, please visit www.esor.org or contact ESR press office at press@myESR.org

Last updated: Monday, April 03, 2017