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FPD radiography x-ray dominant on the market

A quick tour of the ECR 2017 industry booths highlighted the increasing proliferation of digital flat-panel detectors (FPD) x-ray, with a new wave of products coming from Asian vendors to Western markets. A substantial price erosion of FPD made them a more affordable and available option, while new detectors now come in a multitude of sizes and options.

A reason of FPD success is that they are considered more sensitive and faster than film-based x-ray, resulting in a lower dose of radiation for a given picture quality than film. They are also lighter, more durable and accurate than tradiitonal devices. According to many experts, in the near future, as volumes of FPD steadily increase, price erosion will continue and intense competition between global suppliers will further increase.





Last updated: Friday, March 24, 2017