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Infection Prevention and Control in Ultrasound

At the last meeting of the Section - held in Vienna on March 3, 2018 - Dr. Christiane Nyhsen - on behalf of the ESR Working Group on Ultrasound has presented an interesting report with some recommendations on Infection Prevention and Control in Ultrasound. The recommendations have received the endorsement of the Section.


The Working Group of the ESR - European Society of Radiology has developed these recommendations based on the results of an online survey which was sent to all 22,000 full ESR members in 2016. The results are visible here:




Please find the complete presentation of Dr. Nyhsen (part I and part II)  in the attachments below.


pdfInfection Prevention and control part1.pdf
pdfInfection Prevention and control part2.pdf

Last updated: Friday, March 09, 2018