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Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Medical Device Industry to target China as the market of the future
Monday, October 10, 2016
Next Meeting with Delegates of the Section
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Members of the board

Prof. Dr. Paolo Ricci - President

Dr. Christiane Nyhsen - Vice-President

Dr. Jean Paul A. Joris - Secretary

Prof. Dr. Hannu Aronen - Member-at-Large ETAP Subcommittee

Dr. Miraude Adriaensen - Member-at-Large EDiR

Prof. Dr. Hildo J. Lamb - Member at-Large

Dr. Remy Demuth - Treasurer

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Welcome to the website of the European Union of Medical Specialists - Section of Radiology


The objectives of the UEMS Section of Radiology are:
- The study, promotion and harmonisation of the highest level of training of the medical specialists, medical practice and health care within the European Union in Radiology.

- The study and promotion of free movement of radiologists within the EU.
- In compliance with UEMS Statutes, Strategy and Policies and under the aegis of the UEMS Executive, the representation to EU authorities and any other authority and/or organisation dealing with questions directly or indirectly concerning the medical specialists of the discipline covered by the Section, and any action which might further the achievement of the afore mentioned objectives.
- The defence of the professional interests of European Radiologists.


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Domus Medica 1.jpg

Domus Medica Europaea

24, Rue de l´Industrie - 1040 Brussels - BELGIUM



UEMS Radiology - Secretariat

e-mail: radiology@uems.eu


Bank Details:


UEMS A.I.S.B.L /S. Radiology

Account number: 001-6615547-29


Brussels, Belgium


IBAN: BE26 0016 6155 4729

All contributions must be sent to the following address:


Dr. Remy Demuth

Treasurer UEMS Radiology

Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch

rue de l´Hopital

L-3488 Dudelange



Division websites


Interventional Radiology



Next Meetings with Delegates of the Section - Rome, 29 October 2016 (10am - 4pm) and of the Neuroradiology Division (1pm - 2pm)


at the Dipartimento di Scienze Radiologiche, Policlinico Umberto I - Viale Regina Elena 324, 00161 Roma (Italy). More information by clicking on News and Meetings.



Ribbon - IDoR

The International Day of Radiology 2016 dedicated to Breast Imaging


Breast cancer is an issue that touches the lives of millions of people throughout the world every year. One of the most valuable tools that doctors have in the struggle against this disease is medical imaging, also known as radiology, including mammography (commonly used for breast screening), as well as other well-known methods such as ultrasound and MRI.

Mammography alone helps to save countless women's lives, largely in the context of screening programmes that enabling doctors to detect cancer early.

This year, the International Day of Radiology (IDoR), is celebrating the role of mammography and all other imaging methods in the detection, diagnosis, management and treatment of breast diseases.

By celebrating the International Day of Radiology each year on November 8, we can show the world how important radiology is to healthcare and make sure that it remains a top priority in public health policy. Learn more about the day at: IDoR2016.com

See more at: News - 8th November 2016 - International Day of Radiology